For Steel, Glass, Ceramic,
  Metal Industries
Kunaflame Type 'BV' Peak
  400 oC Cables
Kunaflame Type 'V' Peak
  1050 oC Cables
Kunaflame Type 'RV' Peak
  1550 oC Cables
Lance Cable for one time
  use Thermocouple
Lance Cable for Thermocouple
  & Oxygen Probe
Trailing Cables
Thermal Protection fibre
  Sleeves 1000 oC
Fire Survival Cables for 3hrs
  Direct Flame
Heating Cables and Heater
  Lead Wire
Fibre glass braided Cables















TYPE BV: -196 oC + 400 oC, TYPE RV: -196 oC + 1565 oC, TYPE V: -196 oC + 1050 oC

Signal, Power, Control Lighting Temperature/Instrumentation and Lead wires.

Kunaflame heat - resistant electrical cables offer you a unique combination of safety, economy and longer life that is unmatched by any other cable on the market today.

Kunaflame cables will resist higher temperatures and more rigorous operating conditions than any other kind of cable. They are ideal for the most demanding applications in Steel and Aluminum Plants, Coke Mills, Glass Factories, Oil Refineries and offshore Rigs, Nuclear Power Plants, and in various military and space installations and equipments.

Kunaflame cables are product of Udey Kunal's advanced cable technology. The insulation is a unique combination of Mica, Organic Polymers and Fiberglass. The conductor is Nickel-Plated Copper, (NPC)Standard products include single conductors, multi conductors, Thermocouples, Computer/Coaxial and Process Control Cables. Standard options include internal NPC braided shields and external stainless steel braided armour. A wide variety of other options are available and custom configurations will be designed to meet individual specifications.

Kunaflame cables will maintain circuit integrity at peak temperatures as high as 1565 oC/2850 oF. This is more than 500 oC/2000 oF higher than any other cable on the market today. In fires exceeding 1050 oC/2000 oF they will maintain integrity for a minimum of four hours. In molten steel or aluminium they will function for an unheard minimum of 15 minutes, to take steps to prevent costly equipment damage. In addition to heat, Kunaflame will withstand weather, water, chemicals, acids and lubricants. It is no wonder that coke refineries and every major steel mill in North America today use cables based on above designs.

Kunaflame cables save you money because they last longer and reduce both scheduled and unscheduled downtime. while Kunaflame cables are more expensive to purchase, they are significantly less expensive to use. In actual field use they will last atleast 5 times longer than any other Heat-Resistant Cable. Plants generally experience a saving of 60% or more during the first year after switching to Kunaflame cable. In addition Kunaflame often makes new, simpler and money-saving layouts possible. They may for instance, eliminate the need for protective conduits. Another example of how Kunaflame can save money involves an Electric Arc Furnace where silicone cable was used to supply power to the motor that operated the valves on the underside of the furnace. The silicone cable had to be replaced every 1 to 2 months. The silicone cable can be replaced with Kunaflame and will not require any maintenance.
 1. Save in actual cost of cable.
 2. Save the labor costs involved in cable maintenance.
 3. Save costly furnace downtime.

KUNAFLAME cables are safer. They contain no Asbestos. They are fire resistant and will not propagate flame at any temperature. Their high degree of heat resistance and strength prevents accidents they may be caused by extreme temperatures or spillage of molten metal or glass or Inflammable materials.

If accidents do occur. Kunaflame cables give you and extra safety margin of time + allowing you to take steps to save equipment, shut down operations and otherwise minimize the damage and danger to life and property occasioned industrial accidents.

KUNAFLAME : The Concept
KUNAFLAME possesses a unique combination of components and construction that no other cable has ever been able to match.

Insulation : A Specially bonded combination of Mica, Organic Polymers (Polytetrafluorethylene), and Fibreglass (no Asbestos) is fire resistant and incapable of propagating flame. It reacts to flame by creating a thermal barrier that protects the conductor and maintains conductance.

Conductor : Nickel-plated copper provides excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperatures.
KUNAFLAME also enjoys good mechanical resistance to vibrations and repeated shocks and blows at high temperatures.

KUNAFLAME is easy to work with and use. It is flexible and compact (For AWG 18, O.D. = 2.5 mm) it can be stripped using conventional stripping tools.

Tundish, offshore oil rigs : power and control cables.......
  Fire, blowout, marine & chemical corrosion.
Overhead cranes (steel plants) : power cables for brakes and motors.......   High Temperature, fire, explosion, steel spills
Coke oven charging car, pusher and related vehicles for coke batteries : power, control and coaxial cables........
  Extreme temperatures, flames, corrosion, weather
Rotary nozzles : Power feed cables......   Operating Temperatures : + 1050 oC
Magnetic flux sensor, bof : control cables......   Extreme heat : + 1400 oC
Electric furnaces, bof, blast furnance, plasma furnace : compensating cables.......   Extreme heat
Ladle transfer ladle preheater : power cables.......
  Heat, fire, steel spills
Glassware machinery : power and control cables......   Fire heat due to hydraulic fluid spills
Oil refinery shut-off valve control cables.....   Fire, chemical corrosion.
Compensation cables for insertion pyrometers.......   Intense heat in a confined space
Power lines for electric arc oven sensors.......
  Heat in non-circulating air.

KUNAL Cable mission is to develop a long-term relationship with its customers based upon quality of product and superior product performance. To insure this teams of quality control specialists supervise every stage of the KUNAFLAME process, and KUNAFLAME cables are required to surpass the most exacting standards. For Example, each cable is tested at 2 times its rated voltage plus 1000 volts. Thus a 600 volts cable is tested at 2,200 volts.

KUNAFLAME cables more than meet the most rigid international and national tests such as NBNC 30-004 with test condition of :
>> temperature produced by a gas burner of 900 oC +_ 50 oC (1640 oF +- 90 oF)
>> duration of 3 hours
>> mechanical impact every 30 seconds
>> current leakage not to exceed 1 amp per conductor
>> test must be passed by 4 successive samples