New Products

We produce tomorrow's leading products with our keen sense for development

Industrial Society is going through fundamental changes at present. However, the current responses to the problems arising are not yet capable of effectively meeting the new, diversified, advanced needs. We at Udey Kunal have carefully cultivated our insight into technological development. This great sensitivity enables us to gasp the most advanced needs of the next generation. With our highly developed technical resources backing them up, our products have high added values.


M/s. Udey, our parent Company, have been in existence for nearly five decades and, initially they were in the field of importation, Servicing and manufacture of process instruments and accessories.
In 1972, they diversified into the field of Thermocouple, Extension and Compensating Cables as well as metallic and plastic pneumatic Instrumentation tube Bundles,shielded Instrument Cables as pioneers in the field of Import Substitution.

02. At a time when there was prejudice against indigenous materials and preference given for imported cables and tubes, it was an uphill task in getting their product accepted. However by supplying materials to international quality to those few customers who were willing to take Chances, M/s Udey were able to establish their items. It is a matter of proud record that, in the case of IPCL and major petrochemical, Fertilizer & oil Refinery Projects implemented in the last decades, M/s Udey have supplied over 90% of Instrumentation Cables & Tubes.

03. M/s Udey have also pioneered the development of the following products while struggling to establish themselves as pioneer manufacturers of Instrumentation cables and Tubings:
      (a) Interlock leakproof flexible metallic armouring of Cables and Multitube Bundles.
      (b) Aluminium / Mylar screening with drain wire
      (c) Composite Aluminium/LDPE sandwich Heatsealed pneumatic Tubing
      (d) Extra long lengths PVC coated single line copper pneumatic Instrument Tubing
      (e) Multicore individually and overall PVC coated copper tube bundles.

04. With the successful striking of oil at Bombay High and the coming of the green revolution we realized that in each five year plans, spending on oil refineries, petrochemical plants, fertilizer units and similar plants was bound to be stepped up and the demand for our products would increase tremendously. Accordingly we acquired larger premises near Bombay, with a Built up area 30,000 square feet, where we expanded our manufacturing activities. The new premises became fully functional from June 1978.

05. The primary objective of this new company has been to manufacture specialised cables rather than ordinary household wires or power cables and thereby cater to a highly sophisticated and technical market. As such, we have put in great efforts to acquire high expertise in our chosen field and pride ourselves that we are, perhaps, the leaders, technically, in the manufacture of our special items.

06. The parent unit has also exported their products Thermocouple Extension shielded armoured cables more than 280 KM to the Middle East in the teeth of strong Western competition and have won an Engineering Export Promotion Council Award for outstanding Export performance in 1976.

07. We have had the privilege of executing Railway screened signaling Cables 30/37 core armoured, valued Rs. 3.09 Crores in 1981 against a single order received from Railway Board, New Delhi.

08. During 1983, we exported Low Noise Instrument Screened Cables valued Rs.16 Lakhs by competing in international competitive bidding to Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., South Korea. These cables were required for use in the construction of Off- shore water injection Platform ordered by ONGC - Bombay High with Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., South Korea.

09. We also have a record of supplying Thermocouple Extension Wires / Screened Instrument Cables measuring 1807 core Kilometers in the year 1983 to the Thal Ammonia project of Rashtriya chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd., one of the biggest plant of its kind in the world, to their required specifications. The supplies against the above order were made under international competitive bidding.

10. Ever since the inception of the company, we have been associating our-selves with all the major projects taken up by Petrochemical Industries, Fertilizer Units, India Oil corporations, power & Offshore sectors of Industry, Nuclear and Thermal Power Stations, State Electricity Board, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. Etc.


With further development and expansion in various projects of Government Undertakings Public/Private Sector units covered by such industries as Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer Units, Oil Exploration and refinery Units, Nuclear and thermal Power Stations, Steel Mills, Railways, Cement, Paper & Pulp Industry, Heavy Electricals etc., we decided to set up a new unit at Bombay by name Udey Instruments, so as to cater more efficiently the requirements of the above industries. Since this unit being located in the heart of Industrial suburbs of Bombay, it could serve its customers better because of easier availability of raw materials, efficient transport and excellent communication facilities. Our this new unit became operational in June 1981.

12. Mr. P.C. Goliya who is in charge of this unit is a technically competent person to produce any type of special purpose cables as per customer Specifications. He was trained in special cables in BICC Pyrotenax Ltd. UK and has an experience of over 35 years in this field. He was associated with the sister Company M/s. Udey In which he was the technical Director. Therefore our Customers can fully repose their confidence in our ability to produce and supply quality products. We have at our works at Bombay sophisticated test Equipments which in addition to ensuring quality will be used for our R & D work towards developing new cables with newer insulations as import substitution. It is our aim to contribute everything possible to your continued growth and we will be constantly seeking new ways in which to serve your business. To this task we seek your assistance and co-operation.

13. We pioneered the production of following Cables, Heat Shrink Tubes and sleeves during early Nintees.
      A – Heat Resistant Silicone/Rubber Cables, tubes, sleeves
      B – P.T.F.E(Teflon) Wires/Cables/Sleeves
      C – ETFE/FEP Wires/cables
      D – Special Fibers and Ceramic fibre cables/Sleeves
      E – Heat Shrink Tubes in Polyolefin, PTFE
      F – Expando Braids Rilson Nylon 6.6 and Polyson(Polyester)

14. During mid ninetees we developed “Kunaflame” Wires/Cables and Sleeves for Peak temperature 400°C, 1050°C, 1550°C. These withstrand Direct flame and are fire survival. We also developed complete range of cables in Kunaflame for the following applications in the Steel Industry.
      a) Electric Arc Furnace.
      b) Lance Cable for one time use Thermocouples / Celox .
      c) Trailing Cable.
      d) Torch Cutter Trolley.
      e) Slab Melting Furnace.
      f) Concast-1, Concast-2.
      g) Slabbing/Blooming Mills
      h) Teeming Laddle Applications
      i) Coke Owens
      j) Torpedo/Slab cars
      k) Electro Magnets
      l) Blast Furnace Clay gun and video cables
      m) Ingot Grab
      n) Overhead cranes(Power cables for Brakes and Motors)

Kunaflame cables also for the following applications
      a) Offshore Oil Rigs, power and control Cables
      b) Glassware Machinery
      c) Oil Refinery Shut off valve Control Cables and many more…………

15. During 1995 we started marketing of our products in Europe and other advanced countries. We have had great success and our products have been accepted by our customers. We have been regularly participating in Interkama Fair, Germany since 1995 and other International Fairs.

16. We have designed and developed special Cables for the Defence and Space Programme of India. Also Radiation Resistant Cables for the Nuclear Power Industry.

17. With the Increasing Cardiac problems in the country and to make Diagnostic Facilities available at low cost we developed Cardiac Angiography Catheters for the first time in India, a complete Import
substitute under the Society of BioMedical, DMSRDE, DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Science and technology.These will be soon available on commercial Basis.